Retained: Working with a retained basis usually means that the recruiter will charge an upfront commission to the customer to run a search. … These recruiters operate really closely with their customer and will require their time and utilize an agreed methodology to discover the very best man for the task.

How does retained search work?

A retained search needs the customer to pay a small part of the fee up front to start the hunt, and after a candidate is set, the first deposit is applied to the entire fee due.

What is the difference between retained search and contingency search?

From the search model, a customer selects one particular company to represent their outside search pursuits while looking for a perfect candidate. … The contingency company normally has a less romantic relationship with the customer, and contains fewer funds spent since no upfront charges are paid.

How do Retained recruiters get paid?

When recruiters operate on a retained basis it usually means they are charging the company an upfront fee to run a search. Additionally, it suggests they are working on a private basis. Put simply the occupation is only going to be filled by utilizing that specific recruitment firm.

What is a retained search agreement?

Typically, retained companies will produce an off-limits arrangement, meaning that they won’t supply candidates from an existing customer. … Firms generally supply a promise to substitute a candidate if a candidate departs before a given period or milestone.

Why do we retain search?

Retained search firms are compensated to make sure the best candidate is hired and their recruiter is currently working for your business, none. They’ll spend some time running the correct diligence ahead to identify not only the technical abilities, but also the cultural elements of your business.