28 Nov 2016

Enterprise Software Solutions

iMuhandis started its journey with customized Desktop and Client Server applications for SMEs and large enterprises covering various verticals. We augmented that with Web application development skills and have developed and deployed a multitude of them over the years.

We leverage our business domain know how accumulated over the years and the cutting edge technologies and flexible processes to provide the best to our customers.

iMuhandis is adept at using the right framework architecture that best suits your application requirements be it desktop, client server or web applications.Our long web app development journey from 3 tier, MVC, Ajax to SOA architectures has enabled many of our customers realize business potential successfully.

iMuhandis has experience of developing a wide range of web applications ranging from simple to complex ones across various platforms for both B2B and B2C customers. We lay emphasis on customer user experience, which most of the times forms the single biggest factor in ensuring higher degree of customer satisfaction.

We are adept at using the right framework architecture that best suits the application requirements. We have evolved ourselves in tune with the evolution of Enterprise application development architecture.


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