Enterprise Software Solutions

iMuhandis began its journey with customized Desktop and Client Server software for SMEs and massive enterprises covering a variety of verticals. We augmented that using Internet application development skills and also have developed and set up a multitude of these over recent years.We leverage our enterprise domain understand how accumulated through time along with also the cutting edge technology and flexible procedures to extend the very best to our clients.

iMuhandis is proficient at utilizing the ideal framework architecture which best fits your application needs be it background computer, client server or internet applications.Our long program development travel from 3 grade, MVC, Ajax into SOA architectures has enabled a number of our clients realize business possible successfully. iMuhandis has experience of creating a broad assortment of internet applications which range from simple to complicated ones across different platforms for both B2B and B2C clients. We put emphasis on client user expertise, which the majority of the times creates the single most significant factor in ensuring greater level of consumer satisfaction.

We’re proficient at using the ideal frame architecture which is most suitable for the program demands. We’ve developed ourselves in tune with the development of Enterprise software development structure.