28 Nov 2016

Enterprise Management Solutions

Enrichment in technology which has lead to advanced, efficient, cost effective and faster solutions for business organization, has also added complexity to overall IT Operations & Management. Focus of the organization is continuously shifting to make business Mobile and reduce operational Cost. Industrial standards like ITIL and ISO 20000 has also driven customers to focus on Defining Regulations and Policies, Standardization of IT Operations and Management, Enhanced Security and Efficiency, Improve availability and optimize operational cost.  Organizations also need to control user identities, their access and information use. With the proliferation of mobile devices in enterprise, organizations are facing challenges to deal with the associated threat to corporate security.

Enterprise Management Solutions with its Sole focus on “Simplifying IT”, offers Industry leading solutions to address the challenges and demands of IT Operations and Management. EMS, with rich experience on multi-vendor, multi-technology, cross platform customization & Integration, and alignment with global IT Management Software providers (like HP, CA, IBM), offers solution to step-up  Business Availability. EMS encompasses Solutions to facilitate User Identity & Access management and developed solution around BYOD, MAM, MDM for secure mobile application accesses.

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